Not only bright and fresh colors are hot this spring and summer season, you also see a lot toned down colors. The perfect colors for a chic look! 

Step 1
Prepare the natural nail and gently push back the cuticle. Buff the nail and file it to the desired length.  

Stap 2

Perform an electric manicure to get an even more beautiful end result. Cleanse the nail with Prep & Wipe (135021) and apply Soft Bond Primer (130011).

Step 3
Place the Stiletto Nail Form (177008). Apply the adhesion layer with Magnetic Gel Clear (104139) and cure .

Step 4
Use Magnetic Sculpting Fibergel Pink (104147) to make the nail. Cure the gel and remove the nail form. 

Step 5
Use a 100/180 grit file to file the nail into shape. Remove the dust with a Nail Scrub Brush (178200) and Prep & Wipe.

Step 6
Apply Gelpolish Pale Taupe (103307). Cure the nail for 30 seconds in de Twinlight or 2 minutes in a UV-lamp. Seal the nail with Magnetic Matt Top Gel (104021).

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