Step by Step Peach Gobbler:

Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this Neo Geisha Nail Art by Elly Besselink.  

Step 1 

Apply Gelpolish Sassy Salmon (103275) as a base and paint with Liner Gel Black (106802) and Color Concentrate Red (104601) the branch from the design. 

Step 2 

Paint small ovals with Liner Gel White (106803) to next to the branch for the flowers. Add color to the flowers with Color Concentrate Red (104601). 

Step 3 

Add leaves in between the flowers with a mix of Color Concentrate Yellow (104602) and Color Concentrate Blue (104603). Use Liner Gel White (106803) and Liner Gel Black (106802) to highlight and shadow the leaves. 

Step 4 

Mix Base & Top (103000) with Magic Chrome Pigment (118074) to create the heart of the flowers. Seal the nail with Flex & Shine (104154) and cure 1,5 minute. 

Products used: