The best stamping system in the world!


How does it work?

For a easy and full cover stamp design follow the steps below:

Start with a clean tip and buff it lightly with a White Block or the Scratchless Board 220/280 gr.
Apply a Gelpolish or NXT Long Lasting Nail Polish color of choice.
Choose a Stamping Plate pattern and a color of NXT Long Lasting Nail Polish. Stamp the pattern on the tip.
Finish the design with some AB Crystalized Rhinestones in size Small, Medium and Large.

For a more information and designs watch this video:

Stamp & Scrapers

There are two types of stamps. A stamp with a biger and smaller surface and a stamp with a see through surface. With both stamps a scraper is included.

Stamping Plates

Magnetic offers a wide range of different stamping plates, from abstract to baroque or Asian Style to wedding. There is a stamping plate for everyone! 

Online courses

Follow a course on the desired level right now!

Easy stamp Nail Art   |   EASY LEVEL

Get tips and tricks from the queen of Easy Nail Art, Natasja Hoveling, on how to create simple and fast Nail Art with the Magnetic Stamping System.

Mandala Stamp Nail Art   |   EXPERT LEVEL

Learn different ways to use the Magnetic Stamping System and create these beautiful mandala patterns together with Yessica Padberg-Haasjes. 

Tattoo Stamp Nail Art   |   MASTER LEVEL

Combine the Stamping System by Magnetic with handpainting to create mindblowing designs. Yessica Padberg-Haasjes will teach you all about it.


Need some inspiration? Check out these beautiful designs from instagram! 


Image title

Simone S. - Geverifeerde nagelstylist

Makkelijk om mee te werken en het resultaat is iedere keer weer verbluffend! 

Image title

Loes L. - Geverifeerde nagelstylist

Leuk systeem, moet alleen erg wennen aan de snelheid waarmee je moet werken.

Image title

Willemijn W. - Geverifeerde nagelstylist

Ik ben geen type die graag met nail art bezig is, daarom is het stamping systeem van Magnetic ideaal voor mij. Het is snel, gemakkelijk en altijd mooi.