Step 1
Apply Gelpolish Amla Green (103264). Cure and seal the nail with Gelpolish Base & Top (103000). Remove the adhesion layer after curing. 

Step 2
Apply a very thin layer of Ultra Top Gel (104138). Do not cure this layer yet! 

Step 3
Place Gelpolish Gloomy Glades (103257) on a Paper Palette (117039). Apply dots to the center of the nail with Gelpolish Gloomy Glades and the Master Marbler Tool (176017). Let this flow for a few seconds. 

Step 4
Place some more dots on the sides of the nails and let these flow as well. Correct is with the Master Marbler Tool.

Step 5
Outline the nail with Gelpolish Glamour French Gold (103219). Cure the nail.

Step 6
Seal the nail with Gelpolish Base & Top, cure the nail and remove the adhesion layer with Prep & Wipe.

Products used: