The French Manicure nail is a timeless classic! José de Vroed shows you how to create these nails with the Extreme White Gel by Magnetic 

Step 1 
Prepare the natural nail and push back the cuticle. Place the Stiletto Nail Form (177008) with Nail Form Support (177010) and apply Soft Bond Primer to the nail (130011).

Step 2
Use Prestige Camouflage Warm Pink (114173) for the free egde. Place the second ball on the nail bed and make sure your apex is on the right spot. Pinch the nail and cure the nail for 1,5 minutes. 

Step 3
File the nail into shape with a 100/180 grit file en file the surface of the nail with a Hygienic File 180 grit. Remove the scratches with a White Block (145051) by using circular motions. Remove the dust with Prep & Wipe. 

Step 4
Apply the smile line with Extreme White Gel (104142) and the Vrush brush (211077). 

Step 5
Fill in the free edge with the Premium Gel Brush Angular (176012) and the Extreme White Gel. Cure the nail. 

Step 6
Seal the nail with Soak Off Top Gel (105002) for a high shine end result. Remove the sticky layer after curing. 

Products used: