The perfect ballerina nails with deep smile lines!

Natalia gritsenko, magnetic internationa trainer from the Ukraine shows you how the create the perfect long ballerina nail with deep smile lines. 

Step 1 

The nail form of a Ballerina nail is pointing downwards to follow the direction of the natural nail. Natalia uses the Stiletto Nail Form because this form is longer which makes it easier to create the shape of the Ballerina nail. 

Step 2 

Natalia uses PowerGel Extender to create the nail, because with PowerGel you have absolute freedom. It doesn't flow and only cures when putting it in the TwinLight. Make sure you apply the gel with a spatula by rolling it off at the free edge. 

Step 3 

Apply a thin layer to the nail bed and extend the nail at the free egde. Cure the layer and pinch the nail into the desired c-curve. Go back into the TwinLight to make sure the nail is fully cured.

Step 4 

Apply a second layer of PowerGel Extender to form the nail. The Apex of the nail should be at the highest point of the nail. Pinch the nail again into the desired c-curve. Natalia uses the Pinching Tool for Experts for this.

Step 5 

Apply the Gelp Clamp and place the nail inside the TwinLight again. The clamp stays on until the nail is fully cured. 

Step 6 

The nail surface is filed with a Hygienic 180 grit file. Keep in mind that the lower arch needs to be straight from the side walls of the nails. 

Step 7 

Creating a smile line is super easy with Airnails by Magnetic. Natalia uses the Deep French Airnails maskings and Airnails Paint White to spray the french on. Make sure the paint is completely dry before removing the masking.  

Step 8 

Seal the nail with a top gel of choice and don't forget to seal it around the edges. Natalia used the Improved Supreme Finish. 

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