Step by Step Shoot Dragon's Eye:

Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this gorgeous design by Kateryna Gonchar.  

Step 1 

Prepare the nail, remove the dust and apply Nail Cleanser to the nail. Extend the nail with Acrylic Powder Opague Pink. File the free edge into a sharp and slim stiletto.  

Step 2 

Paint the silhouette of the dragon first with Nail Art Paint. Kateryna uses the fine brush from the Russian Collection . Make sure you leave some space for the eye on the highest point of the nail. 

Step 3 

Shape the head of the dragon with green acrylics and glitter acrylics from the Semi Precious Stones collection (Yellow Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline). With the Ikebana brush you are able to create beautiful gradients. Apply highlights with white acrylic to the nose and mouth (you can also use Crystal Quartz acrylic). 

Step 4 

Color the acrylic liquid with the Color Drops Yellow to create a transparent dragon eye. For the body and ears of the dreagon use light and dark green acryl.

Step 5

Create the background with Lapis Lazuli acrylic. Place a square with a gold acrylic, Kashmir Peridot, above the white crown. 

Step 6 

Apply accents and shadows to the dragon with black, brown and white Nail Art Paint. The white highlights in and above the eye attract the attention to the magic eye. Seal the nail with Supreme Finish

Products used: