Step by Step Covershoot Romantic PlastiGel:

Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this beautiful PlastiGel design by Elly Besselink.  

Step 1 

Apply Gelpolish Nailplate Extender (103225). After curing, seal the nail with Extreme Matte Topgel (104022).

Step 2 

Paint some leaves and petals on the nail with Color Concentrate Blue (104603) and Extreme Matte Topgel (104022). Mix these products together on a Paper Palette (117039). Apply the leaves diagonally on the nail. 

Step 3 

Highlight the leaves with Extreme White Gel (104172). After curing seal the entire nail again with Extreme Matte Topgel (104022).

Step 4 

Sculpt flower petals of different sizes with Plasti Gel White (106902). Cure the flower petals, you can do this after applying each petal or apply mutiple petals and cure the entire design. 

Step 5

Place an Opal Cabuchon Royal Blue (118891) at the heart of the Plasti Gel flower. Apply Metal Bullions White Silver (118312) around it for more support. 

Step 6 

Apply some more Metal Bullions White Silver (118312) to the nail. Secure the Bullions with Building Base (103404) or Gem Stone Gel (104600). Cure the nail for 1,5 minute. 

Products used: