Tips and Nail Forms

It is nearly impossible to extend a nail without using nail forms and tips. Magnetic has a wide range of different tips and nail forms which will help you to create the perfect salon nail. 

Hygienic Files

Magnetic created a special Hygienic File System for the responsable nail techs. The hygienic A-quality throw-away files of the Hygienic File System have a hard core to which you can stick different kinds of grit. 


Magnetic has a wide range of files with different coarses and flexibility. The different colored core indicates the rate of flexibility of the files, the blue core is harder and the yellow core is more flexible. 


Magnetic brushes are made for the discerning nail technician: From budget brushes to the highest quality brushes in the market, every nail technician will find the brush of their choice.  


Magnetic implements are available in different models ensuring the right implement for every need and technician. The implements are easy to sanitize and are ergonomically designed. 

Electric Filing Bits

Magnetic has a wide variety of bits which can be used in combination with our electric files. The bits have different grits and purposes and are made of different materials. 

Cleaners and Removers

Hygiene is one of the most important elements in a healthy salon environment, proper use of the needed products and materials is vital in up keeping this. 

Towels and Wipes

Wipes and towels are what every nail technician needs in the salon. The Brush Wipes are desgined to clean your brush and the Nail Wipes are great to use when preparing the natural nail. 

Masks and Gloves

To protect yourself when working in the nail salon we advise the use of gloves and dust masks. Prolonged exposure to the products used in the nail salon needs to be limited to prevent allergic reactions. 


Magnetic has different nail glues in its assortiment: Brush on Glue and Instant Nail Glue. Both products comply with the European regulation. 


The Magnetic accessories are developed to make the job of the nail technician easier and to help display the masterpieces that are created in the salon.