Stunning Sahara Desert Nail art by Alina Khavronina, Get inspired and let's make beautiful nails

Step 1

Prepare the natural nail. Push back the cuticle and file the nail into shape. Remove the dust with Prep & Wipe (135021).

Step 2
Alina extends the nail with a Fiberglass Strip (125015), so she does not need a nail form to extend the nail. Cure for 1,5 minute in the TwinLight. Apply Nailplate Extender gel (104141) en Sculpting Gel Pink (104136) on the entire nail. Cure each layer and remove the sticky layer with Prep & Wipe.

Step 3
File the nail bed and smile line into shape with an Emery Board Black 100/180 grit (140062). Make sure to remove all the dust afterwards.

Step 4
Place a Competition Nail Form (117006). Use One Coat Color Gel Ocean Blue (106605), Spectrum Gel Ferrari Red (106184) and One Coat Color Gel Yellow (106607) to create the free edge. Cure for 1,5 minute in the Twinlight.

Step 5

Apply some extra Spectrum Gel Neon Orange (106231) to the top and fade this upwards. Cure for 1,5 minute.  

Step 6
Use Shell Stone Anthracite (117218) near the smile line and place blue, red and golden crunches (117125) with the Detailer 3. Apply on the free edge some golden Lines (117056). Cap the nail with Buildergel Clear (104130), cure and remove the sticky layer. 

Step 7

File the nail into shape. Remove the dust and seal the nail with Supreme Finish. 

Step 8

Apply two rows of Metal Balls White (117247) near the cuticle. Use a little bit of Brush on Glue (125014) and the Detailer 1 for this.

Step 9
Apply Gold Round (117535) on the free edge and place some Metal Balls White (117247) around it.  

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