Step 1 
Apply Gelpolish Whitest White and cure (103333). Apply Magic Shine and cure (104152). Do not remove the sticky layer

Step 2
Apply the Magic Pigment Gold (118075). Use the Magic Pigment Brush (176042). Apply the Magic Shine and cure.

Step 3 
Paint the lines with the Vrush Brush Short (211077) and One Coat Color Gel Black (106600), do not cure.

Apply Glitter Spray Dark Hologram on the design and cure (118060). Remove the excess glitter with the Nail Scrub Brush (178200).

Step 5 
Paint the star with One Coat Color Gel True Gold (106646) and a little bit of the One Coat Color Gel Dancing Shoes (103098).

Step 6 
Accentuate the design with One Coat Color Gel Black, for this Albina also uses the Vrush Brush Short.

Step 7 
For the finishing touch apply Strass Crystal & Ice (118302).

Step 8 
The end result!

Products used: