All the Prestige Powders are formulated to offer a controlled curing process to the nail technician. The Prestige Powders are bubble free and offer a glasslike transparency. The resulting nails are very flexible making the Prestige Acrylics the most durable in the industry.

Prestige Blush Pink 70gr
Item No. 114181
Prestige UV White 70g
Item No. 114189
Prestige pink 35g
Item No. 114166
Prestige UV Pink 35gr
Item No. 114178
Prestige UV White 35gr
Item No. 114176
Prestige UV clear 35gr
Item No. 114177
Prestige Blush Pink 35g
Item No. 114168
Prestige UV clear 70gr
Item No. 114190
Prestige UV Pink 70gr
Item No. 114191