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Step by Step Neo Geisha:

Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this Neo Geisha Nail Art by Yessica Padberg.  

Step 1 

Apply Gelpolish Cherry Blossom to the nail and seal it with the Extreme Matt Top Gel. Stamp the flowers with Nail Polish Salvo Red and remove the bottom lines of the flower. 

Step 2 

Now that the bottom lines of the flower are removed, you have space to create another flower. Stamp this flower again with Nail Polish Salvo Red. Use Master Paint Ivory to fill in the flowers and use Master Paint White to add small extra petals in the background. 

Step 3 

Apply shadow inside two flowers with Master Paint Orange and Master Paint Pure Red. The other flowers will be pink and use Master Paint Bordeaux and Master Paint Pure Red to apply the shadows.  

Step 4 

Mix Master Paint Lime and Master Paint Deep Green to get the right color for the leaves. Repaint the lines of the flower petals with white to make it look more like a lotus flower. Seal the nail with Extreme Matt Top Gel and cure 1,5 minute. 

Products used:

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