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Winning the race with Rubber Base

by Magnetic Nail Design

  • ultimate adhesion
  • simple application
  • ideal viscosity
  • minimum filing

So typical, you did everything right! The perfect prep from A to Z and still the client comes back with lifting. Usually this is because the client has very weak nails, uses medicine or has a very oily nail plate. The solution for this ‘problem’, is ‘Rubber Base by Magnetic’.

Apply  Rubber Base as an adhesion layer under every type of product; Gelpolish, Gel, Powergel and even Acrylic. Creating the perfect arch is simple because of the high/thick viscosity. First apply an adhesion layer onto the natural nail and cure. Apply a second layer but do not cure, apply a drop of Rubber Base on top of the wet layer. Let the drop flow out until the perfect arch is achieved and cure. Filing is kept to an absolute minimum this way. 

Rubber Base:

Useful products together with Rubber Base:

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Aan het laden