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Nail Files

The regulations for Nail studio’s all over Europe become more and more strict. A lot of attention is being paid to hygiene in the studio. Not only authorized institutions but also clients watch carefully whether the rules of hygiene are being followed, becoming more and more critical.

Magnetic created a special Hygienic File System for the responsable nail techs. The hygienic A-quality throw-away files of the Magnetic Hygienic File System have a hard core to which you can stick different kinds of grit. Another benefit of the Magnetic Hygienic File System is its attractive pricing. Packed per 50 grits with a free core or packed per 25 grits.

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Ultimate Shiner with 3D stickers 1
Art nr. 154001 Geen voorraad
Niet beschikbaar
Platinum Buffer 10 pcs
Art nr. 153011 Op voorraad
Platinum Buffer 5 pcs
Art nr. 153010 Op voorraad
Ultimate Shiner XXL 10 pcs
Art nr. 153009 Op voorraad
Ultimate Shiner XXL 5 pcs
Art nr. 153008 Op voorraad
Magnetic Ultimate Shiner File 10pcs
Art nr. 153007 Geen voorraad
Niet beschikbaar
Magnetic Ultimate Shiner File 5pcs
Art nr. 153006 Geen voorraad
Niet beschikbaar
Hygienic Buffer Pads 12 Pcs Pink Fine
Art nr. 145057 Op voorraad
Hygienic Buffer Holder
Art nr. 145056 Op voorraad
Slimline Block Blue 320-320
Art nr. 145055 Op voorraad
White Block 100-180 5 pcs
Art nr. 145051 Op voorraad
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