Inspired by Native american Indian patterns and designs aukje veltman made this beautiful nail art design and shows you how to make it

Step 1
After applying the nail you can start painting. Aukje paints the shape of the design with Master Paint Deep Black (123601). After this she fills the design using the Detailer 3 (176020) and Master Paint Pure White (123600).

Step 2
Paint the with shapes yellow with Master Paint Pure Yellow (123605) and make a fading met Master Paint Orange (123604). In some shapes apply some Master Paint Pure Red (123608).

Step 3
Apply lines in the red shapes with Master Paint Deep Black and high light with Master Paint White.

Step 4

Add shadow around the design with Master Paint Deep Bordeaux 123606 and apply with Master Paint White dots around the inner circle.

Step 5

Make the design more powerful by applying  Master Paint Warm Gold (123619) around the design. Use the Detailer 1 for this.

Step 6
Seal the nail with a topgel of choice for a shine or matt effect. 

Producs used: