Nail art is not only a decorative technique, it is a passion shared by many nail technicians worldwide

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Airbrushing with Airnails is easy and fast! You can create a design on ten nails within 5 minutes. With the specially developed paint your designs will be even more beautiful. 

Stamping System

Magnetic offers a wide range of stamping plates. Use stamping in combination with different nail art techniques to take your nail art to the next level.  

Master Paints

You can create everything you can imagine with the Magnetic Master Paints. The paints are highly pigmented and are not only perfect for bright designs and outlines but also for blending.

Glitter Sprays

With the Glitter Sprays you are able to easily create a glitter holographic effect on each nail. You can use it as a full overlay, ombre or in combination with nail art.

Chrome & Pigments

These colorful pure pigments are truly multi-usage. Just let your imagination go free and bring a sparkle of magic to every nail or every nail art design.

Chameleon Flakes

Get inspired by the special effect from the Chameleon Flakes. The flakes change color in different light positions: just like a chameleon changes color. 

Broken Glass

Create a glasslike holographic and shimmering effect on nails with Broken Glass by Magnetic. Beautiful in combination with a classic French Manicure.


Give your nail art design a fun twist with the colorful Confetti collections by Magnetic. The confetti is available in Dots, Metallic, Laser, Mirror and Diamond.


The Magnetic Opals are beautiful stone like particles that are perfect for inlays in a classic French or Fun French nail. The opals are available in different colors.

White Sensation

Looking for something different and chic? Try the White Sensation by Magnetic for your nail art. They are available in S Disk, L Disk, Square and Crunch.


Of course glitter is a must in every nail technicians nail art collection. In addition to the Glitter Spays Magnetic has beautiful loose glitters in different colors. 

Sugar Look

Add Sugar Look to your nail to easily create a soft effect. The powder will take on the color of the wet gel that is applied underneath. Sugar Look is available in Fine and Coarse.  

Strass Wheels

The Strass Wheels have stones in different colors and sizes, perfect for combining stones in your design and it also helps to keep your stones stay organized. 

Bullions & Beads

Add Bullions or Beads to your Rhinestone or Strass Design to complete the look. The small balls will take your design to a next level.

Crystal Pixie

Make your nails dazzle with crystals from Swarovski. Apply Crystal Pixie ass a full overlay or add some to your design. Both will look gorgeous. 


Diamonds, Rhinestones and Strass are a girls best friend! Magnetic has a wide range of stones in different shapes, sizes and colors to complete your design. 

Shattered Holographics

The Shattered Holographic stickers by Magnetic are super easy to use and beautiful as an inlay background or as the shining star in your design. 

Holographic FX Foils

These foils are super thin and will create luminous effects when you add them to a design. Just cut the foil in the desired shape, remove the top layer and stick it to the nail.  

Smile Lines

Creating a sharp smile line can be difficult, but not with these Smile Line Stickers. You can use them for smile lines but also at the cuticle for a nice effect with your Gelpolish.

Fashion Stickers

Going for a more fashionable design? Choose the Fashion Stickers by Magnetic. They are available in different design patterns and easy to use.


Magnetic Transfer Foils are available in different plain and holographic colors and can be used in combination with the Glue for Foils or with the Foil Gel.  


The Waterdecals by Magnetic are available in different colorful designs from flower to abstract. They are easy and fast to apply with water.


Nothing is more easy and fast than creating a nail art design with stickers. Magnetic has different stickers from animal prints to roses and chains.  

Fimo Flowers & Canes 

Looking for 3D flowers that you can add to your design? The Fimo Flowers and Canes by Magnetic are the products you have been looking for!

Stripe It's

Stripe It's by Magnetic are available in a lot of different colors so you can mix and match these with your design. Use them for outlines or simply add more color to your designs.

Nail Art Accessories

Nail Art accessories to make sure you are able to create beautiful designs!