Gel is our passion and the throbbing heart of Magnetic

Superior adhesion        /        Lifelike flexibility        /        Light feel and wear        /        Various viscosities        /        Deep and dramatic Colors        /        Complete odour free        


A gel that feels like acrylics but without the time pressure because it cures like gel in LED or UV! PowerGel is easy to pinch, stong and has stable colors.

Standard Gels

The UV standard gel is an all in one gel, it can be used as an adhesion layer, to build the structure and it can be buffed to a high shine.

Standard Builder Gels

The main benefit of the UV Standard Builder Gels is the extreme easy self-leveling of the gel ensuring superior ease of application. 

Sculpting Gels

The Sculpting gel is great to make Pink nails on forms, due to the intense pigmentation and the stronger structure. 

Fiber Gels

Fiber Gel can be easily pinched. With this product you can create a beautiful thin French Manicure.

Flash Gels

The Flash Gels create very flexible nails that can be applied in one layer and the gel is highly suitable to make longer nails

French Manicure Gels

Magnetic offers colors and viscosities to suit every need and wish. Decide wether or not you wantto extend the free edge with a Builder Gel or a polish-on gel.

Top Gels

Magnetic offers different Top Gels that can be divided in flexible Top Gels and non- flexible Top Gels. 

Rubber Base

Rubber Base by Magnetic has ultimate adhesion under every product. It’s easy to applicate and to create a perfect curve. Rubber Base has the ideal viscosity, which makes minimal filing possible.

Building Base

Building Base for Gelpolish is a truly multifunctional product, you can correct the nail, give flat nails a nice curve and give strength to weak nails. 


A special product is FiberCoat. The strength of FiberGel now in a bottle; slightly thicker than Building Base and suitable to use over tips, on nail form and as natural nail Overlay.


Gelpolish by Magnetic is easy to apply and has a long lasting end result. Gelpolish can be used on natural nails, acrylic nails and on gel nails, making it truly multi purpose in use. 

Color Concentrates

With the Color Concentrates you can color every type of gel you desire! 

Nail Art Gels

Magnetic offers nail art gels with endless options of creating beautiful nail art designs.

Natural White Gels

For the most natural result, you must choose the right color of Natural White gel.

One Coat Color Gels

The new generation in 1 layer One Coat Color Gels: the professional answer to the Gelpolish Hype.

Color Gels

From a single color overlay to intricate design and nail art.

Enchanted Colors

Colorgels coming from a fairytale with a beautiful shimmer effect. Very strong coverage and suitable for full cover application and nail art designs.

Fast Liner Gels

Making thin lines is super easy with the high pigmented Fast Liner Gels. The Fast Liner Gels are available in black and white. 

Cerisa's Sweeties

The Cerisa Sweeties are no wipe Color Gels which are perfect for a sugar of glitter effect. The gels can also be used as a full cover. 

Plasti Gel

Plast Gel is a high pigmented gel for creating  3D Nail Art designs. 

Gel Samples

Try it for yourself with these sample jars. 

Gel Brushes

Gel brushes are available with Nylon or Kolinsky hair.