Step 1 

Use a mix of different Master Paints for the background. Use the Aquarel Technique to let the colors fade. Leave the edges a little bit darker and the center a little bit lighter for the design.

Step 2

Start painting the face of the lion with the Detailer Brushes (176020). Use Master Paint White (123600) and Master Paint Black (123601) for the eyes and the nose then fade the colors.

Step 3 

Use for the contours of the face: Master Paint Deep Purple (123616), Master Paint Pure Purple (123617), Master Paint Pure Pink (123607), Master Paint Pure Red (123608). Use for the eyes the Master Paint Light Blue (123614).

Step 4 

Finish the eyes with a paint mix of the Master Paint Emerald (123611) and the Master Paint Pure Blue (123612). Use around the eyes a paint mix of the Master Paint Orange (123604) and the Master Paint Pure Yellow (123605). Apply different rhinestone sizes (118302). Seal with the Supreme Finish (104008).

Products used: