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Item No. 220229 In stock
Magnetic Pro Pusher
Item No. 178204 In stock
Design Cuticle Nipper
Item No. 178203 In stock
Pinching Tool 2
Item No. 178202 In stock
Push and Prep
Item No. 178120 In stock
Premium Cuticle Pusher
Item No. 178119 In stock
Premium Cuticle Nipper
Item No. 178118 In stock
Soft Tone Pinching Tweezers Pink
Item No. 178112 Out of stock
Not available
Soft Tone Pusher Deluxe Pink
Item No. 178110 In stock
Soft Tone Cuticle Nipper Lilac
Item No. 178107 In stock
Soft Tone Cuticle Nipper Pink
Item No. 178106 In stock
Soft Tone Tip Cutter Lilac
Item No. 178105 In stock