Gelpolish Bond

Gelpolish Bond improves the adhesion of Gelpolish on natural nails as well as artificial nails.

Base & Top Gel

Base & Top can be used as a base and as a top gel with Gelpolish or can be used to strengthen the natural nail with a beautiful shine.

Building Base

Building Base combines the convenience of a gel in a bottle with the structure and viscosity of a builder gel. 

Building Base Cover

Create the percfect apex and strengthen the natural nail with a nice camouflage with Building Base Cover.

Supreme Finish (Improved)

This ultra super shiny top gel doesn’t have a sticky layer after curing.Supreme Finish is very hard making it longer scratch free!

Flex & Shine

The Flex & Shine Top Gel is a flexible gel without a sticky layer, and it’s suitable over every artificial nail. The finish is durable and has an extremely high shine.

Magic Shine

Magic Shine is the best top gel to accentuate your pigments, a magical shine and the perfect protection.