The Gel Samples

All Gels are available in small 5 gram jars for testing purposes, at home or in your studio. The Color will indicate whether it’s a Builder, Overlay or Top Gel.

Buildergel improved 5 ml
Item No. 104160
Standard Clear 5 gr NEW
Item No. 104169
Flash Thin 5 gr NEW
Item No. 104165
Builder Pink 5 gr NEW
Item No. 104163
Fiber Gel 5 gr
Item No. 104174
Sculpt pink 5 gr NEW
Item No. 104166
Top Gel 5 ml
Item No. 104168
Sample Fiber Set 4 pcs
Item No. 104199
Fiber Gel White 5 gr
Item No. 104175
Ultra White 5 gr NEW
Item No. 104173