Step 1 

Place the Competition Nail Form (177006). Apply Gelpolish Bond (130010). Make the base with Prestige Crystal Clear (114167). Apply a Prestige Camouflage Powder that matches the nail bed and the cuticle area.

Step 2

Pinch the nail and file into shape using the Magnetic File Technique. Use Prep & Wipe to remove the dust particles (135016).

Step 3 

Apply the Gelpolish Nude Pink and cure (103302). Apply Gelpolish Base & Top and cure (103000). Remove the shiny layer.

Step 4 

Cut the Holographic FX Foil Blue into shape and place on the nail using a tweezer (118308). Apply Gelpolish Base & Top and cure.

Step 5

Paint the lines of the abstract design using the Vrush Brush Short (211077) and the One Coat Color Gel Black (106600), cure.

Step 6 

Color in the design using the One Coat Color Gels: Pink on Fire (106640), Cutest Pink (106639), Baby Pink (106615), Perfect Slate (106641), Turquoise (106608), Spicy Cinnamon (106643). Spray-on Mermaid Powder Blue/Green (118070) and cure.


Step 7

Paint the lines over the foil with One Coat Color Gel Black. Apply Gelpolish Base & Top and do not cure. Place Crystalized Stones S AB (118703) and Metal Bullions Gold (118313) and then cure.

Step 8 

End result!

Products used: