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Gel Polish Brown - Glitter - White - Yellow

The ease of application and the long lasting end result of Gelpolish revolutionizes the services brought to the clients

PLEASE NOTE: The color indication can vary depending on your screen and the lightness of your screen
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Gelpolish Lemon 15 ml
Item No. 103499 In stock
Gelpolish Volto 15 ml
Item No. 103482 In stock
Gelpolish Arlecchino 15 ml
Item No. 103481 In stock
Gelpolish Colombina 15 ml
Item No. 103480 In stock
Gelpolish Pulcinella 15 ml
Item No. 103479 In stock
Gelpolish Jolly 15 ml
Item No. 103478 In stock
Gelpolish Isabella 15 ml
Item No. 103477 Out of stock
Not available
Gelpolish Inner Warmth 15 ml
Item No. 103460 In stock
Gelpolish Reflections 15 ml
Item No. 103459 In stock
Gelpolish Shimmering Dew 15 ml
Item No. 103458 In stock
Gelpolish Spiritual Awakening 15 ml
Item No. 103457 In stock
Gelpolish Mimosa 15 ml
Item No. 103450 In stock

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