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Magnetic offers the nail technicians endless possibilities, freedom of choice and combinations. Magnetic Gels have set the international standard for gels and are recognized as such by the industry. Through testing and evaluation by the best nail technicians, Magnetic adapts its gel formulas, to the changing needs in the market.


The ease of application and the long lasting end result of Gelpolish revolutionizes the services brought to the clients. The superior adhesion prevents surface breakdown and allows for weeks of wear.


A gel that feels like acrylic but without the time pressure because it cures like gel in Led or UV. With PowerGel you can create every nail shape you desire. It is easy to pinch, strong and has stable colors.



The Magnetic Acrylic system is developed to ensure optimal flexibility and structure to the finished nails. A choice between two liquids can be made to achieve either a fast or slow curing product.

Seal and Protect

Seal and Protect protects the natural nail and helps to improve damaged nails. It also gives perfect adhesion with all nail systems and attaches lifted parts of artificial nails. An absolute must-have for every nail technician.


The Magnetic primers improve the adhesion of Gel, Acrylics and Gelpolish on natural nails as well as artificial nails. The acid-free primers should be applied in a thin layer over the entire nail surface.

FiberGlass- and Silk Strips

Magnetic Fiberglass- and Silk Strips are seen as one of the most efficient ways to create thin, hard and durable overlays and repairs of natural nails.


Most Gel and Acrylics are available sample jars for testing.