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Implements Pinch Tools

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Pinching Tool 2
Item No. 178202 In stock
Soft Tone Pinching Tweezers Lilac
Item No. 178113 Low stock
Soft Tone Pinching Tweezers Pink
Item No. 178112 In stock
Pinching Tool for Experts
Item No. 178099 In stock
Transparent Clamp for Gel
Item No. 178080 In stock
The Clamp Pinching Tool
Item No. 178079 In stock
Pinching Sticks 7 sizes
Item No. 178078 In stock
Acrylic Clamps 6pcs
Item No. 178030 In stock
Gel Clamps 6pcs
Item No. 178001 In stock
Rhinestone Pinching Sticks
Item No. 176076 In stock

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