Gel is our passion and the throbbing heart of Magnetic

Superior adhesion        /        Lifelike flexibility        /        Light feel and wear        /        Various viscosities        /        Deep and dramatic Colors        /        Complete odour free        

Magnetic offers the nail technicians endless possibilities, freedom of choice and combinations. Just imagine the nails that you want to create, and we will give you the possibilities…. Whatever the condition of the natural nails you can adjust the gels to mirror the level of flexibility.

The Advanced Oligo Structure combined with plasticizing agents create durable nails with superior adhesion without the use of primers. The Controlled Photo Initiation ensures a balanced curing process preventing discoloration and excessive heat build up.

The Magnetic gels have set the international Standard for Gels and are recognized as such by the industry. Constant evaluation and testing by the best nail technicians allows Magnetic to constantly improve the formulations to fit the needs and to react to changes in the market. Gel is our passion and improvement is our goal.

Magnetic Gels offer unparalleled benefits to the nail technician:

Superior adhesion

Moleculair chains that actively attach to the natural nail promoting strong adhesive bonds resulting in unequaled adhesion.

Lifelike flexibility

Flexibility that matches the needs of the natural nail, offering multi-purpose usage.

Light in feel and wear

The light weight structure allows the gel to follow the movements of the natural nail ensuring the most comfortable wear.

Controlled Photo Initiators

Regulated curing prevents heat build-up during the service and gives a stable complete cure, preventing service break-down.

Various viscosities

The advanced Oligo Systems combined with superior plasticizing agents allow the nail technicians complete freedom and gives a solution for every need and demand.

Brilliant Glasslike shine and Clarity

The mirror like high shine finish acts as a barrier against solvents and a perfect end result.

Revolutionary UV Filters

Prevent discoloring and yellowing elongating the life span of the nails to unparalleled heights.

Deep and dramatic colors

Pre-pigmentation enhances the depth of color and the overall look of the nails.

Complete Odour free

Ensuring a comfortable salon environment.

Choosing the right gel from our extensive range is mostly influenced by the desired viscosity of the gel. The lower the viscosity the thinner the gel is, the higher the viscosity the thicker the gel feels during the application.

There are different influences that affect the viscosity of the gel:

The composition of the gel

Longer chains of bigger molecules give the gel a thicker feel, making the gels ideal for extending the nail on forms or building the apex of the nail. Likewise these gels are very easy to use when making stiletto nails.

The Sheer

Sheer is the amount of force with the brush that is put on the product before curing in the UV light. Normally the more you work with the gel the thinner the gel becomes. When the technician stops working the gel, the gel gets back to its original state and thickness. This is especially helpful when it is very cold and the gels has difficulty self-levelling.

The Temperature

The temperature in the salon greatly influences both the workability of the gel and the life span of the gel. As a rule, the warmer the salon is the thinner the gel feels. In these surroundings it is very important to remember the effects of the Sheer. To prevent having the gel turn too thin. Likewise in a very cold salon environment the gel will feel overly thick and difficult to work with. We strongly recommend an even salon temperature and storing your gels in a cool, dark place. Big differences in temperature and direct sunlight exposure can affect the gels.