Electric Filing Bits

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Cuticle Bit for Experts
Item No. 193092 Out of stock
Not available
Bit Case
Item No. 193091 In stock
Empty Box for Bits
Item No. 193089 In stock
Rounded Mandril Bit
Item No. 193088 In stock
Rounded Sanding Caps 10pcs
Item No. 193087 In stock
Buffing Bit
Item No. 193086 Out of stock
Not available
E-Manicure Bit
Item No. 193085 In stock
Long Prep Bit
Item No. 193082 In stock
Expert Bit Coarse
Item No. 193073 In stock
Expert Bit Medium
Item No. 193072 In stock
Expert Bit Fine
Item No. 193071 In stock
Safety Bit Left Handed
Item No. 193070 In stock