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Easy workability        /        Intense adhesion        /        total control        /        unequalled color stability        /        extreme flexibility        /        Intense glitter effects        

Prestige Powders

The Prestige Powders are very smooth and self-leveling and offer a glasslike transparency. Prestige nails are very flexible and the most durable acrylic nails in the industry.

Camouflage Powders

Whether the client has bitten, damaged nails or simply wants a longer nail plate, these powders offer endless possibilities. The different colors are designed to naturally complement the skin tone of the client. Perfect for the reversed technique.

UV Acrylics

UV Acrylics offer the best of two worlds, the workability of acrylics and the curing process of gel, allowing corrections and refining the nail to perfection.

Acrylics 350gr.

Be smart, buy big! Your favourite Prestige Powders and Prestige Camouflage Powders in 350 gr. jars.

Acrylic Liquids

The Prestige Acrylic System gives you complete control and artistic freedom. The revolutionary chemical formulation allows for a controlled workability and controlled curing process resulting in a natural and flexible end result.

Acrylic Blue Liquid

Blue liquid is liquid for nail techs that want a faster setting product. When used with color powders or the Pro Formula color collections the Blue Liquid improves workability to perfection.

UV Ultimate Plus

Ultimate Plus Liquid is the thinnest gel available. In combination with Polymers it works like an acrylic but cures under UV light.


Magnetic offers a wide range of dappendishes in different sizes and colors.

Natural Whites

Create acrylic nails that cannot be distinguished from the clients natural nails with the Natural White Acrylics!

Color Acrylics

Magnetic offers a wide artists palette to choose from with the color acrylics and the Pro-Formula collections.

Acrylics Brushes

The Magnetic Acrylic brushes are made of top quality real hair offering the discerning nail technician a brush for every technique.