Step by Step Cherries:

Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this super hot animal print with cherries nail art by Yessica Padberg.  

Step 1 

Polish the nail with Gelpolish Butterscotch (103320) and apply in Pigment Pyrite Gold (118815) to the sticky layer of the Gelpolish. Apply Gelpolish Kopi-Luwak (103226) to both sides of the nail and fade this with the Ombre Brush (176041). Cure this in the Twinlight. 

Step 2 

Create with Gelpolish Kopi-Luwak (103226) and Gelpolish Blackest Black (103332) the tiger print on the nail. Use the Detailer 1 (176039) for this. Seal the nail with Matt Top Gel (104021) and cure the nail. 

Step 3 

Take a small amount of Plasti Gel Red (106906) to create the 3D cherries. Use the 3D Tool for PlastiGel (176083) for this. To make the cherries shiny, apply some One Coat Color Gel Red (106614)

Step 4 

Apply shadow to the top of the cherries with Gelpolish Blackest Black (103332) and the Vrush Brush Green (211077).  

Step 5

Create with Plasti Gel Green (106909) the branches and leaves of the cherries. Apply shadow to the leaves with the Vrush Brush Green (211077) to create more depth .

Step 6 

Use Flex & Shine (104153) to seal the nail and cure this in the Twinlight. 

Products used: