Step 1 

Apply Gelpolish Cotton Candy and cure (103316). Apply Gelpolish Base & Top and cure (103000). Remove the sticky layer with Prep & Wipe (135021). Remove the shiny layer with a white block (145051).

Step 2
Paint the base of the design on the nail bed using the Detailer 1 Brush (176039) and the Master Paint Deep Black (123601).

Step 3 
Use the Detailer 1 Brush and color in a few of the outlined spaces using the Master Paint Pure White (123600), this will intensify the colors that you apply.

Step 4 
Use the Detailer 3 brush (176020) to paint over the white spaces withMaster Paint Orange (123604), Master Paint Deep Bordeaux (123606), Master Paint Emerald (123611), Master Paint Lime (123610)

Step 5 
Make a fading in the open spaces using the Detailer Brush 3 and the Master Paint Bordeaux.

Step 6
Highlight with the Master Paint Pure White and the Master Paint Yellow (123605) mixed with a little bit of Master Paint Pure White.

Step 7 
Use the paint mix to make a fading on the free edge and for the center of the flower.

Step 8
For a beautiful shine and for the protection of the design seal the nail with the Supreme Finish (104008).

Products used: